Launched in October 2017, Charis O’Connor Theatre Arts is a dance and performing arts school which aims to provide students with well rounded knowledge in all aspects of performance. We pride ourselves on providing high quality teaching and standards with a safe, supportive and encouraging approach to learning.

Our teaching approach gives students the platform to excel, to safely nurture talent and potentially provide the basis for a career in the industry. We welcome students from all backgrounds and abilities, and strive to make classes fun and encouraging. We aim to provide a class suitable for every student’s needs and capabilities.

Our recognised ISTD and Acrobatic Arts syllabuses are very successful internationally and provide a solid technical basis so that students can develop and grow as dancers and performers. We teach open classes with no syllabus in hip hop and contemporary to give students the ability to always learn new choreography and expand their repertoire.

Acrobatics is hugely popular in Kapiti and New Zealand and is a great way of combining dance with gymnastics. With Charis' knowledge and skills to pass on to the students, we love having this as a huge part of our school. We have two huge 11m acrobatic foam mats for students to learn safely and enjoy.

In 2018 we staged our first end of year show, showcasing students’ talents and presenting what they have learned at Charis O'Connor Theatre Arts throughout the year. This is carried on every year and gives our students the opportunity to get up on stage with costumes, lights and lipstick!

Students have the opportunity to be in the COTA performance teams, performing in competitions and at local events too. This gives our students the confidence to shine in front of an audience on a regular basis.