Q: Do we need to wear a uniform?

A: Yes, we have a school uniform for most classes. Children must wear full uniform in these classes without fail. It is important for the children to be wearing the right clothing for each specific discipline. Our uniform for each class is listed in "Class Uniform'. Please order your uniform via our shop page.


Q: When is payment due?

A: Invoices will go out before the start of term. Full payment is due by week 2. For invoices not paid by week 4, a $30 late penalty fee will be due.


Q: Can I pay casually/week by week?

A: No. We work in 8 week terms. There is no consistency in learning with casual classes and the learning is progressive.


Q: Does my child have to perform at the end of year show?

A: No it is optional but we encourage the students to work hard for this and to show everything they have learnt over the year. It is the pinnacle of our year and an exciting, memorable experience for all involved.


Q: Does my child have to take exams?

A: We do hugely encourage everyone to take exams as they give the students something to work towards and help improvement all round. For Acrobatics, students must take an exam as part of the yearly program. It is essential to monitor technique and improve through the correct procedure. Some children do get frightened by the thought of them. We understand this, and are happy in some cases to put the student up to the next class if we think they are capable.


Q: Can I just turn up?

A: Yes, every student can try one class for free. It would be great if you booked in advance incase the class becomes full.


Q: How is Acrobatics different to Gymnastics?

A: Acrobatics does not use apparatus. Gymnastics uses dance in floor work but dance is only secondary to the gymnastics. Acrobatics uses dance as its main focus adding elements of acrobatics into it. It is then transferred to a hard floor. Acrobatics is taught differently, with different preparations and progressions. The demand for it is very high, so the syllabus we use is specific to injury prevention and progressions for safe technique.


Q: Why can't my child go in the same acrobatics class as their school friend, even though their abilities are different?

A: Acrobatics is very strict that we have students in the class suitable to their ability first, before age classes. This prevents injury and students learning skills too advanced for their strength and flexibility, before they are ready.


Q: What do we wear for exams?

A: Class uniform will need to be worn. For jazz and acrobatics: Cerise Singlet and Black Shorts. For ballet: the relevant Grade leotard, ballet tights and ballet shoes. For tap: Cerise singlet and either black shorts (Grade 3 and below), or leggings (Grade 4 and above), and black tap shoes.